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Data Center Controversy Overshadows Woman's Quest for Chocolate

In a shocking revelation, Dale City resident Janet Yohanneson has exposed the harsh reality that her cravings for chocolate delivery are not being met.

Yohanneson has launched a petition for greater access to meal delivery services that cater to her insatiable desire for chocolate. "I just want to be a woman with a craving in Prince William County!" she exclaimed in a statement.

This move has sparked a heated debate among county residents, with some calling for an immediate resolution to the chocolate delivery crisis, and others questioning the priorities of those who would petition for such things.

One resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said, "I mean, it's nice that she wants chocolate delivery, but there are more pressing issues at hand."

Yohanneson, who is a single parent, claims that her attempts to order chocolate delivery to her home late one evening were met with disappointment, as there were no options available in her area. "I felt like a second-class citizen, it's a chocolate crisis!" she said.

Feeling snubbed by popular meal delivery services GrubHub and Door Dash, Yohanneson took her concerns to the Board of County Supervisors, but was disappointed to find that her petition was met with indifference. "I was just trying to get some chocolate delivered to my door, is that too much to ask?"

The lack of diverse offerings in meal delivery services has reportedly had a negative impact on Yohanneson's quality of life and she is now considering moving to a more chocolate-friendly area. "I'm ready to leave everything behind for my love of chocolate," she says.

As of press time, the Board of County Supervisors have yet to officially comment on the matter, but some have suggested that the controversial data center project currently being considered by the board may be a contributing factor to the lack of attention given to Yohanneson's petition. "We're too busy trying to build data centers, we don't have time for chocolate," said a supervisor on condition of anonymity.

This story is still developing and we will keep you updated as more information becomes available. But as for now, it's a sad day for chocolate lovers of Prince William County.