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Manassas to Open Adult Day Care Center for Children Looking to Escape "Annoying" Parents

The city of Manassas has announced plans to open an adult day care center that caters to children who are hoping to get their parents out of the house for a few hours each day. This is a departure from the traditional concept of adult day care centers, which typically cater to the elderly and have a staff of professionals and nurses to help care for them during the day while their family caregivers are at work.

According to local teenagers, the adult day care center will be equipped with dial-up internet, multiple copies of the local paper, and televisions showing nothing but game shows and cable news. The thermostats will be set to a sweltering 78 degrees year-round, and anyone who tries to change them will receive an electric shock. The appliances will also be in various states of disrepair, so that local dads can keep themselves busy for hours on end with duct tape and WD-40.

But the real genius of this plan is the exterior design of the adult day care center. It will be made to look like a Costco on the outside, so that parents will drive themselves there without even realizing they're at an adult day care center. It's a truly innovative idea, and we can't wait to see how it turns out. Or, at least, we think that's what the teenagers meant. It was all a bit difficult to understand, as they seemed to be speaking a different language entirely.

Overall, it's a unique concept that is sure to be a hit with local teenagers looking for a break from their "annoying" parents. Let's just hope that the adult day care center is able to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all of the parents who end up there.