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Pro-Choice Protestors Host Gazpacho Gathering Outside MTG’s Office

About two dozen pro-choice protestors gathered along Independence Ave. on Friday morning with bowls and saucepans of gazpacho in an apparent response to conservative Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) gaffe earlier this week.

Armed with disposable red Solo cups for passersby and yellow shirts emblazoned with the Don’t Tread on Me uterus, the group shouted “Soup for Choice! Women have a Voice!”

Although it was unlikely Rep. Greene could hear or see the protesters stationed alongside the sidewalk opposite of the Longworth House Office Building, several tourists took videos and photos of the incident before Capitol Police removed the protestors from the sidewalk shortly afterward.

“My Italian grandmother had seven babies and she always said she used her famous gazpacho every night to keep my nonno from giving her another,” said Ritz Morin, Twitter feminist and leader of the group. “We shouldn’t have to resort to those kind of methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies.”

“I’ve never attended a sit-in this tasty before,” stated a woman who wished to be anonymous but carried an Emily's List tote bag and her own baggie of what looked like oregano. “I really wanted to splash a little on the police officer, but I was super hungry for some reason.”