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School System Accidentally Orders $4.3 Million Worth of Outdated CRT Monitors

In a hilarious blunder, Prince William County Public Schools has accidentally spent $4.3 million on a bulk order of cathode ray tube (CRT) computer monitors, manufactured in 2001.

According to anonymous sources within the school system, the order was placed in a botched attempt to hire staff to ensure the implementation of anti-white people educational materials. However, instead of contract staff arriving at the Kelly Center last Monday, a truckload of outdated computer monitors showed up on the loading docks.

"We had an intern who was a member of Gen Z prepare the Request for Proposals," said one source who wished to remain anonymous. "They'd never seen a CRT monitor and it never occurred to them that it might mean anything other than someone who monitors the implementation of critical race theory."

The company that won the contract, defense giant Raytheon, is now demanding payment, claiming that the solicitation's requirements have been fully met.

"We delivered 1,000 CRT monitors, just like the proposal requested," said Sam Novaković of Raytheon. "Nobody ever defines CRT, they just assume everyone takes it to mean what they think it means."

It seems that both the school system and Raytheon made the same mistake, resulting in a comical and costly blunder. At least the students will have a good laugh when they see their teachers trying to use the ancient CRT monitors in the classroom.