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Splashdown Waterpark in Virginia Delays Opening Due to Lack of Lifeguards

Summer is here and that means it's time for waterparks to open their doors (or rather, gates) and welcome in the sun-soaked masses. But it looks like one waterpark in Virginia is having a bit of a struggle. Splashdown Waterpark in Manassas won't be opening for at least another couple of weeks because they can't seem to find enough lifeguards to keep the park afloat (pun intended).

The county is trying to hire and train more lifeguards in time for the scheduled opening on June 16th, and they're offering a higher starting hourly pay of $13.78, which is $2.50 more than the job paid last year. They're even holding a lifeguard hiring event this Saturday, where applicants who pass a swimming test will receive on-the-spot job interviews and possibly even an immediate offer.

So, if you think you've got what it takes to be a lifeguard, you'll need to be 15 years old by June 26th and pass the swimming test, which includes a 100-yard swim, a minute of treading without the use of hands (good luck with that), and retrieving a brick from the deepest part of the pool. And don't worry if you're not yet certified – the county is offering free training for those who need it.

So if you want to spend your summer working at a pool, building responsibility, and getting some team-building experience, it looks like Splashdown Waterpark could be the place for you. Just be prepared to pass that swimming test! And if you don't, at least you can still enjoy the waterpark as a spectator. Just don't try to join in on the fun without a lifeguard present – safety first, folks!